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uber icon challenge

a not-so-random icon challenge community

A Not-So-Random Icon Challenge Community
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Select Members , Moderated

+ You must be a member to enter and/or vote.
+ Your submission cannot be animated unless it's an animated challenge.
+ You can submit only one icon.
+ All icons must meet LJ standards - they must be 100x100 and under 40k.
+ All icons must be your own and made specifically for the challenge because after all it is a challenge.
+ All icons must remain anonymous, do not post your icon elsewhere before the voting period is over.
+ If you wanna take an icon from someone, just ask one of the mods who made it and credit
+ Blending is allowed.
+ Text doesn't have to be readible unless it's a lyrics challenge. Otheriwse, tell us what it says.
+ You will be banned if you repeatedly break the rules.
+ Have fun!!

+All icons are to be entered in a screened comment in the appropriate challenge entry. When you post your comment, post the icon, the url and state whether or not you want a banner should you win.
+ You cannot change your submission.
+ No submissions will be taken after voting has started.

Submission example:

Banner: yes/no
Text: (only if you need to - check the rules)

Voting will usually be posted on friday night. One of the mods will try to make a post saying that voting will be up soon about an hour before voting starts. That being said, if you post an icon after voting has already been started, we cannot accept your submition.

If you've read all the rules, leave a comment on here with the word "rocK" and tell us who you'd like to have as a challenge. There's a link below with our past challenges.


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